Home-Based Tutoring  -  I come to your home and provide the tutoring. Convenient and trouble-free way for parents to track progress. Below you will find subject coverage and applicable rates.


All grade levels !!! – Elementary School, Middle School, High School and College for the following subjects:

Mathematics: Basic Concepts & Skills per NCTM / SOL, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics and Calculus

Physical Science:  Geo-Systems, Physics and Chemistry

IT - Software: [PC-based, not Mac] MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Outlook), Basic Windows, Internet surfing, software installation and the safe & appropriate use of freeware & shareware (including anti-virial, firewalls, spyware protection) ...


Home-Based Tutoring Rates

All Grade Levels (K12), College and IT Courses
 1 hour/week
2 hours/week
  3+ hours/week
 Individual        $ 550
   $ 50 / hr
  $ 45 / hr
 2 students   
  $ 45 / student
   $ 40 / hr / student
  $ 35 / hr / student
 3 students   
  $ 40 / student
   $ 35 / hr / student
  $ 30 / hr / student
 4+ students 
  $ 35/ student
nn$ 30 / student
n$ 30 / hr / student

  $  Group & Family Plan   customized discounts for 4+ students and/or 4+ sessions per week may apply

Email Tutoring  -  Another convenient option to fulfill your tutoring requests. Minimum requirements:  a PC with email access, Microsoft Word ® for downloads and web access for suggested supplemental sites. Procedural ground rules :

Rates reflect time and preparation overhead but generally run approximately $15. per question. Individual questions or priced question sets may be offered for at a discount. You choose which to purchase.

If you decide to use my service, your first step is to email me your questions! jjpawlak@hotmail.com

Deciding to use a Tutor - You will want to take advantage of your school's resources before engaging a tutor.   If  you find your current math teacher cryptic, clueless or callous, well, ... let's not get into personalities! They may be thinking the same of you. Try another teacher or a student volunteer, your nerdy friends, etc. Check out your guidance department. Your school's business partners may offer free tutoring. 

If you still need to talk to me after all this, please note the following :

email for  A+Tutor, MathDude     jjpawlak@hotmail.com